A letter from Maureen O’Neill, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, School Librarian:

What a heartbreaking season, especially for those of us whose teens lost their last season of little league like this.  We just hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time.
Some of you might remember meeting me on picture day morning, I’m the mom who was in the beginning stages of shooting a short video documentary for RPBL when the pandemic hit.  While none of us have a baseball little league season this year to film, we certainly do have a memorable story here, and I need your help in capturing it.
If you have any home/cell video footage of you and your kids trying to keep up your baseball skills during this time, please consider sharing it with me for inclusion in our documentary.
I’d also really appreciate anyone’s willingness to film some short “interviews” with your kids about what this season has been like for them.  You could ask them any of the following questions (or others that you think of):
1.) What do you miss most about little league?
2.) What do you love about baseball?
3.) What is your biggest strength or best skill on a baseball field?
4.) If you were a coach, what would you want to say to your team while they are home right now? What should everyone be practicing at home to keep up their baseball skills?
5.) Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is a bonus!  Even just a few lines of it would help!
It would also be great if any of your kids want to “turn the tables” on you and film a few parents answering some similar questions.  Action shots of kids (and coaches) practicing skills & drills outside would be great, too!
Any “selfie” video reflections from the coaches would also be most welcome.  We would love it if EVERYONE could try to give us even just a little bit of video, from our youngest tee-ball players to our teen league. PLEASE wear your RPBL uniform shirts or hoodies if you can, but keep those caps pushed back off your forehead so we can see your faces in the video!
Also, please try to hold your camera/cell phone in the horizontal mode, not vertical.  It helps with the final video format.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’d love to start getting video from you anytime between now and the end of June.  You can share videos with me on Google Drive (preferred), but I can also take iCloud, Dropbox (all using this email), or contact me about other sharing options.
All the absolute best to you during this time, and thanks for helping me complete my documentary for Roland Park Baseball 😷❤

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