Bats, Bats, Bats

Bats are always a curiosity to newcomers to baseball. What is allowed, what is not, and why. RPBL has adhered to fairly common standards for years, but one change first implemented in the highly-delayed recreation season last year has been made permanent, and it is very visible. Those in the International, National, and American Leagues will now be seen swinging the 2-5/8in bats previously reserved for the Teen League. What is going on here?

This is not mere capitulating to our young players, but rather, once again, staying with the times. The larger barrel bats are not the same bats used by the teens, but rather USABat standard bats. While the barrels are bigger, the bat performance is specifically intended to match that of a wood bat. In this way they might actually have less ‘pop’ than the 2-1/4 inch bats, but make hitting the ball a little easier. More contact, more safety.

The latest rules are now included in the league rules and the bat rules under the RPBL Rules heading. A list of allowed bats is found here: