General Scheduling Policy

Schedulers may need to move or cancel games on short notice. Please understand that this is not done without cause and aim to be flexible when it occurs.

Recreation game rescheduling takes precedence over travel team activity, however the schedulers will work with coaches too find solutions that best meet the needs of all parties.

Cancellation Responsibilities

Games may be canceled by the league, home team coach, or umpire as follows:

  • Games will be canceled for weather or field conditions by the league only at the request of the owning organization or school. Do not assume games will be canceled otherwise.
  • On rare occasion games may be canceled by the league for other reasons. (This year there could be games canceled for COVID related reasons, for instance.)
  • Home team coaches are responsible for canceling games for poor weather or field conditions. This must be done at least one hour prior to game time. Typically, the coaches reach mutual agreement to cancel or not cancel.
  • Umpires (for National, American, and Teen Leagues)
    • The head umpire is contacted in the event of a cancellation by the entity canceling the game, whether that is the home team coach or the league.
    • An umpire arriving at the field within one hour of the game due to a failure to notify the head umpire of a cancellation will receive half pay for the game.

Once the game begins the umpire may cancel a game at any point for rain, thunder or lightning, darkness, or other event preventing the game to proceed normally. The umpire is paid in full at the home plate meeting just before plays starts.


  • Rainouts are to be rescheduled as soon as possible, preferably within one week. Space is left at the end of the season for makeup games, but these time slots should not be used for games cancelled in April. Back-to-back games can strain pitching resources, so aim to develop many pitchers at all levels of play. A lack of pitchers is not an acceptable reason for postponing a makeup game.
  • Games may be rescheduled following a cancellation or by agreement with the opposing coach for reasons such as an expected shortage of players. If this happens on the day of the game, the opposing coach may demand a forfeit instead.
  • Coaches will determine dates of possible make up games before contacting the scheduler. The scheduler will identify an available field and schedule the game.

Thunder and Lightning

  • Follow the 30/30 rule: If the time between lightning and sound of thunder is less than 30 seconds, seek shelter. Play will not resume until 30 minutes with no lightning observed.