League Contacts

Coaches' Code of Conduct

  1. Emphasize effort, not results.
  2. Focus on developing all players, not just stars.
  3. Learn the rules. You’ll be a more effective teacher and coach.
  4. Promote a safe place for players to learn from their mistakes.
  5. Refrain from using profanity.
  6. Be a role model. Players and their parents are watching.
  7. Do not argue with the umpire.
  8. Play by the rules.
  9. Lose graciously, win graciously.
  10. Offer simple advice to your players: Play hard, have fun.

League Coordinators

Tee Ball: George Atkinson

International League: Ken Mangum

National League: Brad Lamont - (410) 746-6346 brad@rocksolidbuildersonline.com

American League: Patrick Donohue

Teen League: Andrew Wolfe

Travel League: Alex Funk - (347) 215-0117 alexanderfunk@gmail.com


Tee Ball and International Leagues: George Atkinson

National and American Leagues: Drew Pinkin (908) 230-3055 drewpinkin@gmail.com

Teen League: Andrew Wolfe (312) 208-0188 wolfeama@gmail.com


Head Umpire: Andrew Noel (410) 340-6612 andrenoel123@gmail.com

Umpire Liason: Curtis Green (443) 857-3415


Resupply: Matt Fischer

Gear bags: Kurt Overton (410) 905-0527 kurt.m.overton@gmail.com


Chief Field Manager: Kurt Overton - (410) 905-0527, kurt.m.overton@gmail.com

Field Managers:

Druid Hill 1 & 2, Swann, Memorial, Wyman Park, Roosevelt Park: Kurt Overton

NW Park (Mt Washington/UB), Stoney Run, St Mary's Seminary: George Atkinson

RPEMS (Greenfields and Macsherry), Medfield south, Poly A & B: Brad Lamont

Poly Varsity (90ft), Gilman, Northwood: Andrew Wolfe

League Contacts