Important notification for parents of RPBL players for the health and safety of our baseball community:

If you are concerned that you or your RPBL player has been exposed to COVID-19, please refrain from sending your child to practices or games.  Our guidelines (here) require you to contact your player’s coach* upon learning of a positive COVID-19 test in your immediate family or exposure to someone with a positive test result.  Coaches are asked to then contact the League Commissioner, who will be responsible for reaching out to the broader RPBL community and to assist with scheduling changes.  RPBL will treat all disclosures as sensitive information, including the names of affected players and teams, but cannot guarantee confidentiality.  We cannot prevent every scenario or exposure; however, as a community we all owe our most vulnerable members the care and concern we would expect to receive.

* Please Note: Coaches are asked to follow the same policy as set forth above for players.


Please review the complete COVID-19 guidelines:

COVID-19 Guidelines – Umpires

COVID-19 Guidelines – Resuming Play

COVID-19 Guidelines – League Administration

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