The 9-10 spring travel tryouts have been rescheduled–for the last time, we promise!–to 3-7 pm this coming Saturday, February 20th, at Freestate Sports Arena, 5811 Allender Rd, White Marsh, MD 21162. This entails a change in time from the originally scheduled morning window; we have automatically shifted your player’s tryout group/time along the following lines:

  • Group 1 (originally 8:00 am) is now 3:00 pm
  • Group 2 (originally 9:00 am) is now 4:00 pm
  • Group 3 (originally 10:00 am) is now 5:00 pm
  • Group 4 (originally 11:00 am) is now 6:00 pm

If the new time works, you don’t need to do anything; you’re all set! If the new time does NOT work, please reach out to me by e-mail, and we’ll work out an accommodation. The tryouts are indoors, but the space is large (>15,000 sqft), and we will keep group sizes small while closely adhering to COVID safety protocols. Please wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes.