Dear Roland Park Baseball Families,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. Before getting to the purpose of this letter, I want to thank all of those who have written to the trustees and me during this unusual time. The show of support makes it clear to us that RPBL is not just a baseball league with which we occupy our children, but also part of our spring schedule that we have been deprived of this year. We do miss it. Our survey of a few weeks ago supports this, too. Respondents covering roughly half the league indicated that there is a strong desire for the league to play this summer if conditions allow, with very little variation in enthusiasm for whether it be a full or shortened season, or when it starts. With jerseys, hats, and equipment distributed already, there is no reason for us to declare this possibility dead, so the season is only postponed.

We are conceding that our regular season is not quite on schedule, and that given the uncertainty in the direction our state and local governments may go, it is time to provide options to you concerning your registration fees. Of the factors affecting these decisions one rises to the top and warrants explanation. RPBL incurs many of its largest expenses long before the first cap is handed out. Jerseys, hats, replacement equipment, field maintenance, the photography and programs, and more come to about half the cost of running the league, but over three quarters the cost of our base registration fee. The remainder is paid through sponsorships and fundraising, the latter of which, such as the silent auction, may not occur this year. The board of trustees has balanced this reality against the harder reality that many of our families have been stretched thin by the economic downturn. Our desire is to refund as much as possible, while leaving the league viable for future baseball seasons. Please bear this in mind when considering the following options.

The following amounts have been designated for each player for each league in which he/she participates, so travel team players may receive both in-house and travel refund amounts. Travel team players can expect a followup email from our Travel Coordinator Alex Funk as there is more than just the refund amounts here to convey in regard to their seasons.

  • Tee Ball: $65
  • International, National, American, and Teen: $80
  • Travel: $200

While some have asked that their fees be applied to a future season, after careful consideration, we ask that these amounts be applied only in one of the following ways:

  • Refund: Repayment will be made to the credit card or by check, however the registration was paid.
  • Donation:  Your contribution (at the refund amount above) will go to ensuring that the quality of Roland Park Baseball Leagues continues into the future, and that scholarships are available for all those needing them. A donation letter will be made available to those selecting this for your tax purposes.

To make your selection, please follow this link: Registration fee refund optionPlease fill out the link once for each player you have. Refunds requested for travel team players will automatically include travel and in-house amounts. Donors may use the charitable donation letter here: Donation letter. Please make your selection by May 31, 2020.

Again, thank you for the years of support for Roland Park Baseball Leagues. We will play again one day!

Stay safe,

Chuck Fancher

Commissioner, Roland Park Baseball Leagues

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  1. Linwood Bazemore on May 16, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    I’d like to donate my 2020 registration fee…. but that link you provided doesn’t get me there.

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